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Visually immersive interactive websites, mobile applications, and desktop software solutions.

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Website Development

How is your business or organization represented on the web?

Is your site old and dated? Is it mobile responsive? Studies show that today 60-75% of your visitors will be using some type of mobile device. If your site is not optimized to look good and be easy to use across all platforms then you could be losing out! What about the visual impact? Does your site draw the user in? Humans by nature are visually drawn to movement. Take a look at movies, TV, and commercials from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and today. The difference in cinematography shows exactly how much producers and marketing agencies have learned this. Now we dont have the fixed stationary single camera view of classic video, we have multiple angles and lots of movement. So why do we have websites that are basically e-books?!?

Front End - My backgound in animation and application development allows me to break out of the norm and help move the web into the future by creating a rich, immersive, and visually stimulating environment that will draw your clients in and make you stand out. A quality front end that looks good, has organized content, and is easy to navigate is vital to the success of your site. My expertise in UI design combined with extensive experience editing and manipulating various mutlimedia formats will ensure your vision comes to life in the best way possible.

Back End - Many website functions require server side functionality. If you need to have a customer login, databases, or shopping cart system, a strong back end keeps everything running smoothly. We can also set up a third party merchant account if you want to be able to process payments through your site. This is where things start to get very comlpicated and you can count on DalioDesigns to get the engine running smoothly for years to come!

Mobile App Development

Whatever you need, theres an app for that.. So why isn't there one for your company?

Have you been considering an app for your company? Do you have an idea for the next big game, but don't know how to proceed?

DalioDesigns can help! Whether you are considering an enterprise app to keep your employees connected and everything running smooth, or you want a way to engage customers outside of the standard web browser, we can get you there! Anything you can dream up can be a reality, and we can be there for you from start to finish. Basic small scale enterprise apps can start as low as $5000!

Custom Software Solutions

DalioDesigns can create software to take the work out of doing business.

Desktop Software

Many business lose efficiency in various places, but point of contact with the customer is usually the start. Do you have a customer mailing list? Do you track sales records? Purchase history? These are just a few examples of what can be streamlined and made to happen almost seamlessly in the background with a custom Customer Management System. A good CMS custom tailored to your daily needs can help you focus more on giving your customers an excellent experience and less on how it happens. All your client data in one place allows you to utilize the information quickly and in new ways.

Knowing what clients have purchased can lead to targeted promotions. By just running a report of all email addresses of clients who purchased a specific item, you can mail out relevant promotional content easily. Knowing quantity of an item that has sold in the previous month or week can help you control inventory, reducing back orders. A simple report of sales by employee can help assess employee performance, track commissions, or determine strengths and weaknesses. Your CMS can even be tied to a mobile app for on the road employee tracking, time managment, scheduling, and communication logs. The possibilities are endless for what you can do!

Automation Scripts

Is your office manager overwhelmed? Do you spend countless hours generating and/or emailing reports?

Many people do not realize how many of the mundane daily computing tasks can be automated. Custom scripts can be written to accomplish what can take you hours.. and they can do it in seconds! Email lists, newsletters, daily/weekly/monthly reports, employee performance or tracking.. Many times these things can be completely removed from your task list and the recipients will never know that your computer did the work for you!

These types of automation scripts are very personalized and will require several meetings to assess daily needs and procedures and tailor a package to accomplish your goals. Every business has "hour-eating" tasks that can be eliminated, and for many the results can be drastic!